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Our Services 

Great Bay Guitars prides itself performing high quality service and repair work at very affordable prices.  Our goal is for you to LOVE your instrument!  Anything less is not acceptable for us.  We're not concerned about "Factory Specs."  They're not relevant to how you play and what you want your instrument to do.  We schedule appointments so we can focus on you and your needs, discuss the work that needs to be done, and answer any questions.  If we notice any any unforeseen issues while the work is being performed, we'll contact you and let you know, and we'll send you some progress photos along the way if you'd like.  And if we're not the right shop for your needs, we're happy to refer you to someone who we know can do great work for you. Please text us with any questions at 603-502-8534.  


Effective December, 2023


- Restring: $35

We'll clean and oil the fingertboard, clean and polish the instrument, restring and tune it for you. 12-string guitars and Floyd Rose-style tremolo systems are an additional $10.

- Basic Set-up: $75

In addition to the  "Restring" services, we'll adjust the neck and saddles for optimal string height and intonation, check and tighten all hardware, polish the frets to 6000 grit, and clean any noisy pots.  

- Deluxe Set-Up: $150  

Taking it up a step from the Basic Set-Up services, we'll do any necessary fret leveling and crowning and polish the frets to 12000 grit.


This level of treatment will take your instrument to Valhalla for the day, and it does take a whole day!  See the Viking Treatment page for details...

- Pickup Replacement: $40 for the first pickup, $30 each additional pickup

This includes replacing the pickup in its current wiring configuration with a customer supplied pickup.  Changes to wiring configurations can be discussed and quoted based on the project.  Any modifications to the body cavity or pick-guard will be charged at the bench rate.

- Pot or Input Jack Replacement: $30 for the first item, $25 each additional item

This includes a CTS "audio taper" pot or Switchcraft input jack without changes to the wiring configuration.  Changes to wiring configurations can be discussed and quoted based on the project.  We can use the recommended pot value for the pickup type, or change value based on your sonic goals.


- Bridge Replacement, Electric Guitar: $30 + parts

This includes replacing your hard-mounted bridge with a bridge of your choice.  We can also replace floating bridges.  We are not currently replacing acoustic guitar bridges.  

- Nut Replacement: $30-60 

Price depends on nut material and associated labor.

- Tuner Replacement: $30 + Parts

Labor cost depends on type of tuners to be installed and labor required. Typically, this can be done in an hour, UNLESS holes in the headstock need to be enlarged, which can be a delicate process to avoid damage to the headstock.

- Fingerboard Re-Radius: Bench Rate

Includes changing radius of fretboard, cleaning, oiling and polishing wood.  Will also require a refret and set-up.

- Fret Replacement: $25/fret  OR $350 for complete re-fret (includes set-up)

Includes fret wire of your choice and level, crown, dress and polish of all replaced frets.  Frets will be glued in place.  Any fretboard sanding and polishing will be charged at bench rates.  Any fret replacement will require a set-up.    

- Bench Rate: $50/hr

For any work that is not a standard or predictable procedure. Minimum of one full hour, then adjusted to the nearest 15-minute interval.  

- Curing "Sticky Neck Syndrome": $30 to $90

Ever feel like your hand doesn't slide easily up and down the neck? We can take care of that for you!  The cost is typically closer to $30, and it can usually be reversed if you want a glossy neck again someday.  


- Bolt-On Neck Replacement: $40 (Set-up is highly recommended in addition)

BYON, or we can source a neck for you at an additional cost.  This includes removing the old neck and hardware and installing the new neck and tuners and any other hardware.  Also includes the first 30 minutes of modifications to the neck or body for proper fit and alignment.  

- Finish Work: Bench Rate + Materials

We take on finish work on a limited basis, based on the project.  We have a background in repairing and refinishing antique furniture using natural dyes and natural plant-based oils, and we would be more interested in finishing a new guitar using those techniques than doing anything with spray finishes.  Currently, we can only do spray finish work when the weather permits (May-September).

- Partscasters!!

Set up an appointment to talk about what you're looking for.  I'd love to help you find that tone you can't get off a rack.  Great and unique guitars can be built at almost any budget.


- Miscellaneous: Bench Rate + Materials

Lots of stuff can happen to our instruments.  If you need something that's not listed here, send us a message and we'll schedule a time for you to come by for an evaluation and estimate for the repair or project.


*Pricing subject to change at any time without notice.  If/when prices change, you will be notified before any work is performed.   


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