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The Viking Treatment

There's a story here...

A while ago, I had a customer bring me a LP style guitar for a set-up.  I did a good job for him, so he brought me his LP Black beauty.  It needed a little more help, and I fixed some issues with the fretboard binding, and he was very happy.  I saw him a couple more times and we became friends and he mentioned a few times that he was going to bring me his most prized guitar.  Then one day he calls and says he's going to bring me this guitar.  Without getting too personal, this guitar has a lot of sentimental value for my friend.  He told me the amazing story of the guitar, and then he opens the case to reveal a '65 Hagstrom Viking II with a beautiful sunburst finish and gold plated hardware.  Good Looking Guitar!!

He says to me, "Jon. This. Guitar. Is. Special." (There is a lot of weight in those words!) "Work your magic. Do whatever it needs. I trust you."

And that's how the Viking Treatment came to be!

SO....what is The Viking Treatment?

We'll basically take the guitar apart and inspect for any repairs that need to be done.  Any stripped screw holes will be filled and re-drilled. any chipped finish can be stabilized at the owner's choosing.  We'll meticulously clean and polish every piece of metal, clean the instrument, hand rub the finish with a special polishing compound then clean it again before hand-buffing it.  After reassembly, it gets the Deluxe Set-up and a final cleaning.  THEN, we vacuum the inside of the case, and clean the outside of the case, too!

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