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Gear for Sale (Under Construction)

At Great Bay Guitars, our focus is on offering gear that we think is really cool, that excites us, and that we would want to play or keep (and sometimes we do. Oops!)!  We're looking to offer gear that will set your sound apart. That keeps our selection on the smaller side, and we're totally ok with that. We lean towards older amps and guitars that you don't see much, and that won't break the bank.  We also offer new Silvertone guitars and Stringjoy strings because they're great products that are affordable, and no one else in the region has them. We can consign gear for a 20% commission, and we are selectively interested in trades and/or purchasing your gear.  We also modify and upgrade things like Squiers to make them play and sound great for less than the cost of a Fender.  Contact us with questions, for additional pictures, or to arrange a time to test anything you see here.  We do our best to keep this page up to date.

Silvertone 1382L "Thin Twin" - Late 50's

This is a super cool, Silvertone from the late 1950's.  It's a deep hollow-body guitar that is mostly, if not completely original.  It has some neck relief (no truss) but plays comfortably up and down the neck.  The finish is crazed and worn appropriately for a guitar of this vintage.  There are no signs of repairs to the body or neck. Comes with newer molded soft-shell case that is a little oversized but protects the guitar well. 


Offered on consignment.



2017 Gretsch Broadkaster - 

Just in!! Beautiful Gretsch Broadkaster semi-hollow guitar in Vintage White with ebony fingerboard and gold hardware.  This hollowbody is in immaculate condition and plays and sounds like a dream!  This is definitely a cut above your normal Gretsch, and it comes with the OHSC and documentation from the original purchase.  



Telectro SP-601 

This amp was made in the 60's by/for Telectrosonic in New York.  It's a single ECL82 tube amp with 2 x 4" speakers.  These were made with a hardwired single RCA plug as a line-level amp.  Since the plug on this one was broken when it came into the shop, I had it converted to a mounted 1/4" input on the back for use as a guitar amp.  It's a great little amp that's fun to push with a boost pedal or play clean. I believe it's 1w output, and it's not going to make the neighbors hate you that much!



Gretsch G5210-P90  - Cadillac Green

If you haven't played one of these Jets with the P-90's, you're missing out!  This Jet has the classic chambered mahogany body with maple cap that's typical of the Jet family, and a "thin U" neck with a 12" radius laurel fingerboard with medium jumbo frets.  The controls offer individual pickup volume knobs, a master volume and a treble bleed circuit as well.  I'm a fan of P-90m pickups in general, and these sound fantastic!  I think these jets are a bargain at the list price of $599.99.  This guitar has seen very little use, and it can be yours for $450!



Stringjoy Strings

Why?  Because they're the best strings out there! Period.  Full stop.  Do your own research on what they're all about, or stop by and we can chat about them. No one else has them from northern Maine to Boston. I have the best sellers in stock, but I can order in whatever you want, including bass, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, 7-string, 8-string, baritone, Bass VI, and CUSTOM SETS!!! to your exact needs...Flatwound guitar sets will be released in the near future...

Current Selections

-Naturals: Uncoated phosphor bronze acoustic strings. $12

-Signatures: Nickel coated, hex core. $12

-Broadways: Pure nickel, round core.  Mellower tone than the Signatures, and the round core allows the winding to slide over the core for a lighter, more flexible feel. $15

Money back guarantee, and discounted price when included with a set-up.


Atlantic Pedal Co. - Fuzz Pedals!!

I came across Ben Haynie and his Atlantic Pedal Co. on the interwebs about 6 months before I opened the shop.  I ordered a custom fuzz pedal from him and loved it, so I ordered a different one (a Sea Monkey) for a friend who didn't have a fuzz.  He loves his Sea Monkey!  When I decided to open the shop, one of my core goals was to only work with people and companies I liked and that I believe in.  Ben is firmly in that category. He's a great guy who loves building pedals based on classic fuzz circuits, and he can do custom builds, too.  I have three of his pedals in the shop at the moment, and they have very different personalities.  Bring your amp and pedal board and try these out, or use one of our amps and the in-store pedal board (with a rotating selection of used pedals).



Silvertone - 1478  NEW!

As the region's only authorized dealer of new Silvertone guitars and accessories, I'm excited to have two of these killer 1478's!  These are an updated an improved version of the classic design from the 60's.  The build and finish quality of these guitars is excellent, and they play and sound great.  Each pickup has it's own volume and tone control and it has a tremolo system licensed by Bigsby.  Avaliable in black (pictured) and red sunburst.



Silvertone - 1303 NEW!

As the region's only authorized dealer of new Silvertone guitars and accessories, I'm excited to have this silverburst 1303 in stock!  These are an improved, solid body version of the classic design from the 60's.  The build and finish quality of these guitars is excellent, and they play and sound great.  The 1303 has stacked volume/tone controls for each of the "lipstick" pickups, and it delivers that classic tone all day long.  it also has an updated bridge with individual saddles for spot-on intonation.  



Silvertone/Jackson Audio - Twin Twelve Pedal

"In 1963, history was made with the release of the Silvertone Twin Twelve Amplifier. Originally listed in the sears catalog as the 1484, the Twin Twelve was offered from 1963 to 1967 and became the most coveted of all the Silvertone amplifiers. The unique sound of this amplifier proudly powers the tones of many of today’s best rock icons such as Jack White, Dave Grohl, Beck, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and many more. Today Jackson Audio and Silvertone make history again with the introduction of the SP1484 Twin Twelve Pedal. An exact recreation of the legendary Twin Twelve amplifier, the SP1484 Twin Twelve Pedal can be used as a studio grade preamp, booster, EQ or overdrive depending on how the controls are set. Bring back the classic Silvertone clean and overdriven tones and own the tone of legends. Relive history with the SP1484 Twin Twelve Pedal." - Silvertone

On a personal note, I had to fly to a show in Nashville recently and didn't know what kind of amps the venue would have.  I brought one of these, and I'm glad I did!  Check it out at the link below.


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