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Great Bay Guitars, in the heart of historic Newmarket, specializes in top quality guitar and bass repair and customization services. We can fix most issues with your instrument and make it sound and play better than ever, and we can build you a custom guitar or bass that fits your budget.  We're always on the lookout for instruments and amps, too!  We are also the region's only Silvertone Guitars and Stringjoy strings dealer. Contact us to talk about any of the instruments we have to offer, start planning a guitar build, or set up an appointment for our $60 deluxe set-up or other service.  Follow us on Instagram @great_bay_guitars for project pictures and updates about new inventory.
Squire Tele with new pickup, pickguard, and bridge.

I began modifying instruments over 20 years ago when I became the guitar tech/roadie/merch guy for the band Say Zuzu.  A few years later, I became their bass player and bought a beat-up, poorly refinished 1967 Epiphone Rivoli.  I soon stripped it and refinished it with a natural top and black back and sides.  While the band took a 20 year break, I learned traditional woodworking construction and finishing techniques, restored antique furniture and built furniture while also working on guitars as a hobby. Recently, a good friend encouraged me to start repairing and modifying guitars for other people, starting with a Tele that had been sitting in his closet for many years.  That led to another, and another.... And Great Bay Guitars was born!  




Until recently, I have been terrible about documenting projects, but I'm working on it!  Look for updates to this section as I embark on upcoming repairs and projects. 


The best way to reach us is by texting 603-502-8534.  As a one-person operation, I don't have a lot of time to keep the website inventory up to date.  Most of our items for sale are on Facebook Marketplace and/or 



"I am currently enjoying this guitar more than my classic forever's incredible" - Zach T. 

"I can attest, this thing sounds amazing...This is without a doubt due to Jon giving it the makeover it needed to become a dream player and (already) studio ace in the hole. BTW, the Charlie Christian pickup in the neck, great call!!! - Geoff T.

Contact Us



2 Gerry Ave.

Newmarket, NH 03857

We're in the white building behind the house with the open porch.



Monday: Closed

Tues: 5-7p

Wednesday: Evenings by appointment

Thurs: 5-7p

Fri: Evenings by appointment

Saturday: 10a-4p

Sunday: By Appointment

*I post additional open shop hours (and a lot of other stuff) on Instagram.  Follow us there to stay up to date on all things related to Great Bay Guitars.

**Appointment times allow us to give you undivided attention, particularly for evaluating maintenance and repair needs, but your'e always welcome to stop in during posted hours.

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